Why is my order in ’suspended’ status on CSPS?
As Brandon is a DFS supplier, your order will show as suspended in CSPS when it is sent to Brandon until it is shipped to you. This is normal for DFS deliveries and does not mean that your order is not being processed.

How can we place the orders now with Brandon? Will it still be possible to order through CSPS?
Yes, you will still place orders as you always have via CSPS. There is no change for you in the ordering process. The only change is the delivery will come from Brandon.

What are Brandon’s delivery times?
1-5 working days depending on where you are located if the item you order is available in stock. If the item is temporary out of stock your order row will have an "accepted" status and the item will be shipped as soon as it is available again. If the item is out of stock and discontinued, your order row will be cancelled and you will receive a notification of unavailability.

Why did I receive an invoice from FCA and not from Brandon?

Invoices will come from FCA as they always have.

What is the dealer discount?

Dealers have 25% discount on the RRP.

How is the return process?

Please see the section Return & Claim Policy or contact Brandon Customer Service Team at

How can I cancel an order?

Contact Brandon first to see if the order has not yet been released and then Mopar to delete it from CSPS.

Why hasn’t my order arrived yet?

Please check with In general we consolidate orders under a RRP of 35€ (Dealer cost - 26.25€), so to ensure a fast and effective delivery, we encourage you to order merchandise valued at over a RRP 35€ in one individual order.

For orders over 35€ Brandon ships within 24-48 hours of the order being received in to the Brandon system. Note, there can be some delays between your system and CSPS. Once an order is in CSPS, it is sent hourly to Brandon system. We consolidate order by delivery address. Orders for different brands to the same address are consolidated together.

For orders under 35€, these will be automatically canceled in CSPS.

Do I need to Login to see the catalogue?

No, if you are a dealer you do not need to login to see the catalogue, it is automatic without login process.

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